The Journey of Logan Redditt at RVS & AMPS

On March 4, 2019, RVS Kids, Inc. experienced a wonderful surprise. One of our alumni, Mr. Logan Redditt, came by and visited with us. He is now working at Costco and will be continuing his college program at the University of Utah.

I met Mr. Redditt in 2016 as a senior, 12th grader, in Mr. Dillon’s Business Seminar class. Mr. Dillon is the instructor for the International Business CTE Pathway at Riverside Virtual High School (RVS). Mr. Redditt participated in my pilot program: the ATOMIC Model Passport to Success (AMPS). He achieved the first level—Silver OTIS. Here are the description and the badges that he achieved in that level:

SO badges.png

SO badges
The ATOMIC Model Passport to Success (AMPS) equips the students with the skills needed to become an OTIS and achieve personal and professional success. These skills include hard and soft skills that are required to succeed in the 21st Century New World of Work.

Mr. Redditt continues to exemplify the meaning of OTIS. He is a progressive learner and believes in seeking the opportunities to keep moving forward and grow.

Please allow me to share a short PowerPoint slide deck that I created to whet your curiosity about The Journey of Logan Redditt at RVS and the ATOMIC Model Passport to Success (AMPS).

You will see Mr. Redditt:

  • Participating in many of the functions of the International Business Seminar class and AMPS
  • Meeting Mr. Stedman Graham and receiving one of his signed books
  • On field trips at Altura Credit Union, the Port of Los Angeles, Amazon Fulfillment Center, the Riverside Plaza, Tyler Mall, etc.
  • Receiving various awards
  • Attending the Customer Service Boot Camp and the Financial Freedom Boot Camp

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Redditt continues his journey to achieve new milestones and to conquer new heights.

Enjoy the slide show!

Logan 1


logan 2


logan 3


logan 4


logan 5


logan 6

logan 7


Eddy – Master OTIS


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