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EXIM Bank would like to provide you with a link to our 2015 Competitiveness Report. It underscores the critical role EXIM plays in maintaining U.S. economic leadership and job growth in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


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Expand Into New Markets Overseas-An Exporter’s Checklist

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Discover 10 Ways EXIM Helps Small Businesses

The Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) is the contact-trade-guide.jpgofficial export credit agency of the United States. It empowers U.S. companies—large and small—to turn export opportunities into real sales. EXIM can help exporters access working capital and expand their sales into new markets. Download our FREE guide, Export Expertise: 10 Finance Tools to Grow Your Export Business, to learn more about how EXIM can help you grow your business internationally.

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