Leadership = Commitment to Humanity + Higher Ethics + Growth + Success. Be an OTIS!

I believe that leadership is about commitment to humanity, to higher ethics, to growth and success, both in a personal and professional way. Each leader, manager, and in fact each individual should be committed to humanity, higher ethics, growth, and success. And with leadership come example and integrity.

Leaders, especially in times of crisis, should embody moral and ethical standards. The truth should be told no matter what the cost, in a kind and transparent way. Each decision should take into account the human side. We need to learn from Mt. Everest–it is not the mountain peak that counts, but the person on our team. If this is only embraced after a crisis occurs, it is reactive. A leader should not allow the mayhem that is happening today in our world to occur with impunity. A good leader would have taken every step and precaution to prevent things from happening. Great leaders are proactive in their leadership approach.

To be a great leader, one should contemplate the OTIS.  OTIS is an acronym that embodies what leaders need to do to prevent future mayhems and meltdowns.

To be an OTIS, leaders need to be Open-minded in order to seek the Opportunity; they need to work hard at building TRUST and seeking Technology; they need to be men and women of INTEGRITY in order to be Inspiring; and finally, they need to SEEK and SEARCH the truth with Reliability while seeking the needed Solutions and answers to today’s challenges.

When every leader becomes an OTIS, then you know that you are in good hands. The heart of OTIS is Trust and Integrity.

May every individual, CEO and leader become an OTIS! And behold a world of prosperity and abundance!


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