Credit, Finance & Risk Mitigation

Below are articles which address specific issues you will encounter as a credit/collection professional.  They are meant to help guide you in making better credit decisions for your company which in turn will help increase your bottom line.

Credit & Collections

Encyclopedia of Credit

Learn From Your Mistakes, Michael C. Dennis

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Debt Collectors, Michael C. Dennis

World Class Credit Org, Michael C. Dennis

Industry Credit Groups
, Michael C. Dennis

Ethics, Michael C. Dennis

Credit Policies, Michael C. Dennis

What Is a Credit Reporting Agency, Michael C. Dennis

© 2015. Michael C. Dennis. All Rights Reserved

Myths and Facts about Credit and Collections
© 2016. Michael C. Dennis. All Rights Reserved.

Seven Things Every Credit Risk Managers Knows But Cannot Admit, by Michael C. Dennis

The Credit Application

Considerations When Automating the Credit Application Process

Setting Up The New Account: Best Practices and Legal Considerations for the Credit Team

Accepting Credit Cards – What You Need To Know

The Second Circuit Court’s Decision Rejecting the Credit Card Class Action Settlement:  What It Means to A Supplier’s Right to Surcharge in the B2B Space, Scott Blakeley, Esq.

Credit Insurance

A CFO’s Guide to the Strategic Applications of Accounts Receivable Insurance alliedworldwhitepaper_7-14

Risk Management

“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 1): Key to Risk Management by HKTDC Research
hktdc_Key to Risk Management-en

PODCAST:More Reasons Why Customers (The Small and Mid-Sized Are Joining the Largest) Are Adopting A Terms Push Back Strategy and What Suppliers Can Do To Fight Back
Speakers:Scott E. Blakeley, Esq., Bill Weilemann, Larry Lipschutz

PODCAST:  Managing the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate: Best Practicees and Legal Considerations  Speakers: Scott E. Blakeley, Thadd Curry, Matthew MacNeil

PODCAST Brexit, Stagnant Oil Prices, Tumbling Retail Industries and a Looming Presidential Election: what Trade Vendors Need to Know Going Into the Second Half of 2016 and Beyond, Speakers: J. Michael Issa, Ronald A. Clifford]

Training Programs

Additional Credit Training programs can be found at the Training Collaborative.

Current Credit training programs include:

 The Credit Department Role in the Organization
 Introduction to Credit and Collections
 Customer Service in Credit and Collections
 Effective Communication in Credit and Collections
 Credit Bureaus, Associations and Groups
 Accounting Basics for Credit and Collections
 Credit Checking Dos and Don'ts
 Relationship Building
 Dealing with Difficult Situations
 Time Management
 Credit Department Software
 Financial Analysis
 What Every New Credit Manager Needs to Know
 Understanding Business Entities
 Bad Debt Write-Offs
 And so much more!

CMA International Credit Best Practices Recorded Webinars
January 2017
February 2017


Preparing for Your Customer’s Chapter 11: The Rise of Supplier Vigilance to Protect A/R (Including 503(b)(9) Claims) and Reduce Pref

Credit and Sales: Partnership for Profit

Speakers: Scott E. Blakeley, David Feigenbaum