A Nugget of Wisdom and Best Practice: The Credit Manager’s Country Scorecard (CMCS-I)

From the Currency of International Trade – Part One

The Credit Manager’s Country Scorecard (CMCS-I)

CMCS-I no nuggets

The holistic and comprehensive nature of credit management requires the credit professional to construct a framework for due diligence. One of the key tools is the Credit Manager’s Country Scorecard (CMCS-I).

The CMCS-I comprises 10 building blocks. Each block has to be laid and cemented to become the foundation of the credit file and sets the path for due diligence. The ten blocks are:

  • Block1: Understanding the environment for the country
  • Block2: P: What is the political situation in the country?
  • Block3: E: What is the economic situation?
  • Block4: S: What are the sociocultural factors?
  • Block5: T: What is the technological state of the country?
  • Block6: Assess the banking system and FDI
  • Block7: Look at Country rating & IMF standing
  • Block8: Listen to the news! Listen to the locals!
  • Block9: Seek input from GOs & NGOs & Associations
  • Block10: What is your company strategy and appetite for risk?

Credit managers and sales professionals need not only be acquainted with, but also become skillful at using this tool.

This is another nugget I expound and explain in the course: The Currency of International Trade: Part One—Highlights on Credit

Credit Currency Due Diligence
For details, please click the link:


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